The Gift Horse

This advertising course, said the post, would help me to understand just how to market my book. I was a little skeptical because I’d taken part in a few such courses with disappointing results. Still, I decided to enter the five-day challenge, which was an introduction to give you an idea of what to expect. I was only one day into the course before advertising was demystified and I felt less fearful and more encouraged. And it was FREE! Right up my alley. But why take an advertising course, you may ask?

“Y’all don’t understand!” Bernie Mac

I was terrified of marketing. So much, that the thought of it would make me near hyperventilate. I was so afraid to advertise that it took longer to release Pale Rider than originally intended because I kept getting hung up on the “how.” How would I get the word out? How would I do things differently this time? How would I know I was on the right track? How could I guarantee my success? For that matter, who could I trust to teach me? And as we know, fear paralyzes. It clogs up your brain with inconsequential matter so that you can’t think properly. You can only see the challenge before you and can’t get past that.

That’s when I saw the devil peeking out from his curtain (ala The Wizard of Oz movie) and realized that this was his plan to derail my efforts. So, I pulled on my big girl pants and got ‘er dun. No more procrastinating, I released my book. But I still had to conquer my fear. I called on the lesson gleaned from the ten lepers whom Jesus healed.

“Go,” he’d said. He didn’t mention how it would happen but they instinctively obeyed. They were healed, not at that moment, but as they went. The blessing was in the going, the doing, and the obedience. Following their example, I went as I felt I’d been commanded. I didn’t know the how but felt sure that he would bless me along the way. So, when this opportunity popped up, I felt like it could be a sign.

My decision made, I enrolled in the advertising challenge, and immediately began to breathe easier. I still had reservations but soon relaxed under the tutelage of the instructor. “See?” I told myself. “This isn’t so hard! You worried for nothing. You can do this.”

The second day into the challenge, things got hard! I became overwhelmed with all I needed to accomplish and fell behind quickly. Now I was playing catch up and wondering if I ever would. I was tempted to drop out then, but a thought occurred to me. What if this course was not a fluke like the others and truly the answer to my prayer? I examined it more closely. What did I ask God for?

I looked my gift horse in the mouth right then, something we’re always told not to do. I remembered being so afraid before. Paralyzed. Overwhelmed. Confused. And thinking, if only I had someone to make it clear and not so scary. I had that now. I realized, despite falling behind, I was no longer afraid. I was having fun!

After that revelation, I examined not only the gift more closely, but myself. The ad course was just another example of receiving a direct answer from God, though I hadn’t realized it until that moment. I saw then that my prayers were often answered in like fashion. I only needed to open my eyes to see.

I completed the challenge and was pleased with results and my improved mindset. I feel empowered and more knowledgeable. And I no longer sit around waiting for a golden arm to descend from the sky and rescue me. God has shown me that he will lead me to the tools that will allow me to succeed. As in the case of the lepers, I’m being blessed as I “GO!” I’m an authorpreneur now. I must learn all there is to know about this craft.

Be blessed,