A Brand New Bag

Procrastination is a coping mechanism for fear.

I saw this post on social media recently and I felt it. It resonated with me so greatly, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. See, It’s not that I forgot to do that great idea that could change my life or that important thing that could bring wealth to my family. I can see it sitting right there, waiting to be done, and deliberately choose to do something else. Why? Because I am terrified of my potential and what I could become but I still can’t help but see my inadequacies. (Did you read that until you ran out of breath?) It can be overwhelming. At which point, I call on the Scarlett O’Hara method to get me through: “I wont think about that today. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

What is our deepest fear? That we are powerful beyond measure.

Marianne Williamson

The Bible admonishes us time and again: Fear not. To Joshua, God added, be of good courage. (Joshua 1:6) Why would God say, FEAR NOT? Because Joshua must have been afraid. You wouldn’t encourage someone unless you felt they needed it. Too often, we think of our heroes of the Bible and accord them with extraordinary courage because God used them mightily. But they were human, just like you and me, and likely shaking in their boots! They merely made a choice to believe and act, despite their circumstances. The Israelite leader followed the commandment of God and was rewarded with success.

Joshua also had what would be considered a disadvantage. “He was old and stricken” with age. (Joshua 13:1) But he didn’t let that deter him. Joshua had this peculiar way of thinking that was evidenced when God used him to spy out the Promised Land. Of the twelve spies that were sent out, only Joshua and Caleb returned with a positive report. The task before them was intimidating – invade and conquer a race of giants. Understandably, the remaining ten spies were fearful because of what they saw – the impossible. I know that feeling well. It’s what happens when I look at my own abilities. But Joshua looked at God.

“… He will bring us into this land and give it to us.”  Numbers 14:8

When I was a young lady, I dreamed of being a singer. A recording artist, even. Growing up with limited means, all I saw was what I could NOT do. I didn’t see a way. But in this new age, you can go into a studio and record to your heart’s content. All that is required is money and intention. My dream of becoming a published author languished for many years because I saw the impossibility of it. How could I write and publish a book? But God showed me the way and now I’ve written four novels.

Why have I mentioned these past events? Because they are reminders of God’s goodness, greatness, and ability to turn our dreams into reality. In other words, I’M PREACHING TO MYSELF! Y’all thought this was for you, huh? No – sometimes you have to encourage yourself, as the song says. I’m learning to look at God now. He placed these desires in me for a reason. As long as I’m still breathing, there’s still time to achieve them.

Another childhood dream was to become an actor. I loved watching Fame (especially, the series) and wished I could’ve been part of that production. But all I saw was a world of no. I had many good reasons why it could never happen, chief among them being I was not perfect. I didn’t have the right look or the necessary skill set. And, of course, as I got older that dream became a faded memory.

But now this girl has (AGAIN) accomplished the impossible! Besides being part of a television series behind the scenes as a vocal coach, I was recently invited to get IN FRONT of the camera and perform in a dramedy musical series! I’ve also become a songwriter and record producer at the ripe old age of (mumbling, paper crinkling noises – must be poor reception)! But I gladly add these accomplishments to my list of impossible achievements.

It’s been said that James Brown’s hit song, Papa’s got a brand new bag, marked a new way and style of making music for him. So I say to you and myself – let us evolve into a new way of thinking, too. We must have courage and dare to reach for our dreams. Believe in the possible. And place the onus on God to bring it to pass.

Be blessed,


“If you have faith … nothing shall be impossible to you.” Matthew 17:20 KJV

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