On Hiatus!

Dear Gentle Readers,

I wish I could assert that I am taking a well deserved, much-needed break from work, writing and reality. Sadly, that would be far from true! I am fully immersed in all three, while in the process of editing the latest novel in the Touched series. I am, however, taking a vacation from writing this here blog so that I can deliver the best book EVER!

Triumvirate promises to be everything you’ve been waiting for and I am so thrilled to share even more adventures of Ari, Mal and Martha with my fans! From conception, I believed this effort would yield a trilogy (at least) and now we’re here! Look at what God has done! I anticipate that the e-book will be released by the end of summer, followed by the official launch and book signings in early fall! More to come, so keep a sharp eye out for your email notifications. Be sure to subscribe so you’ll be among the first to receive announcements regarding upcoming events. That’s all for now. Singing ala Disney’s Seven Dwarves: Heigh Ho! It’s off to write, I go (whistling) …

Wishing you all the best,