Running with the Wolves

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I’ll be honest. Brutally. I’ve avoided blogging for a while. Been turned off to it for quite some time now. All because of those who perpetrate and pretend to be Christians. They give those of us who are His disciples a really bad name. I’m not ashamed of this gospel but I don’t want to be counted amongst that number. We’re supposed to be good guys, people! But folks have got it twisted, thinking they are THE (ONLY) GOOD GUYS aneyes-712125_1280d, as such, above reproach. Oh, it breaks my heart, really it does, to see the foolish and vile things we visit upon our fellow man in the name of Christianity. Jesus said the world would know us by the love we have for one another. That would be the evidence, proof that we belonged to Him and that we are His disciples. So let’s ask ourselves, in light of that scripture: What are we really showing the world about us, as those who espouse His teachings and citizens of the oft proclaimed “God’s country?” It’s sad, truly and if you think God is down with it, you’re wrong. If Jesus came back today, looking for his church (without spot or wrinkle) would he even recognize you? Or would he count you as one of the goats – you know, one of those non-believers that we have been conditioned to look down upon. Would He see you, claim you as one of His own or call you out as a Pharisee so busy straining out the gnat that you swallow the camel? Worse yet, would He identify you as one of the wolves come to deceive the flock. Let us examine ourselves more closely. What would the evidence reveal about you? As one of my late pastors used to sing, “you oughta show some sign” of being a Christian. If only there were such a thing to indicate where our loyalties lie, a way to know for sure. Aha! But there is! It is LOVE.

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  1. norvellaj

    Yes, Love does make the difference. “True evil is bad that believes its good” is something that I read long ago and has stuck with me. The Pharisee actually thought that they were doing good by crucifying Jesus and that they were rooted in righteousness. The same cognitive dissonance of the modern day Pharisee causes us to re-examine ourselves, as well as the Word, on a regular basis. I suppose, in that respect, it helps us because I don’t want to be like them. I don’t want my good to be spoken of as evil or maybe even become evil. There are so many leaders spouting hate, it is hard not to be confused, frustrated, or maybe disenchanted with the group as a whole. Begin and end with love, as I believe God is, and you can’t go wrong.

    • loriaboyle

      So true, Norvella – I don’t want to be identified with such radical factions. Their god is not my God. I was privy to a certain speech by a dignitary at the graduation of my friend. I don’t recall her name but I have not forgotten her message: Choose love. Love is the opposite of pretty much every negative emotion, especially fear because fear can inspire hate. I fear you because you’re different, I don’t understand you, or even because I feel threatened by you. You may be coming for my stuff, therefore I hate you because I am afraid. That is why the Bible can say, “perfect love casts out fear,” because fear and love cannot coexist. Fear leads down a dark path. Love leads to understanding and light.

  2. Delola

    Don’t be discouraged if only one person is inspired, like me, keep doing what you do my Deloria!!

    • loriaboyle

      Thank you, my Delola! Even encouragers need encouragement! You have made me smile and lifted my spirits today! Love you and may God continually bless you!

  3. Geneen ~ PG ~

    My hopes is that God will see me, arms open wide as I run to him. In my head, that’s how I picture it. 🙂

    Loria, you have been a light when mine seems to fizzle out. I appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement through our friendship as well as through TWIML! I hope you continue to be the light of the Lord. ?

    • loriaboyle

      Wow – thank you Geneen! I tell you, I’ve been holding that in for a while, lol! Could you tell I was frustrated? I just had to get that out. Thank you for reeling me back in! This is why it’s SO important to let our light shine. We can lead others from that dark place and when their own light is flickering and about to die out, we can give them some of ours 🙂 Thank you for the loan! You all have restored me!


    Only, the righteous shall see GOD, the cross is foolish to those who are perishing, but who place their faith in him who died, shall live.They can’t understand because you have to be marked by the holy spirit to understand.

    • loriaboyle

      True George – some things can’t be understood with our natural sense but can be revealed by the Holy Ghost.


    Without faith it’s impossible to please GOD, we need to let GOD be GOD.

  6. loriaboyle

    Yes! He is sovereign. I’m learning to let go and let God do His thing, lol!

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